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Our Customer Reviews

Arrived next day, easiest shopping experience ive had online. Menthol tastes just like those xxx mint sweets!

Michael, Bradford

So cheap and I cant tell the difference between this and the £5 E-Liquids online! Purple Berry Drink is my new favourite.

Shirley, Hull

Orchard Fruits has been my go to all year. Love this flavour and that it comes the next day!

Alexandria, Wrexham

The Watermelon Liquid tastes good pon me vape. Recommend yes.

Oluwafenwi, Basildon

Quick delivery. Good taste.

Maryann, Rotherham

Pink Lemonade tastes good with the vape. I smoke with wife, she like the vape. The vape is good. God has bless the vape.

Zebiduwana, Bristol

Coffee was nice. Not too strong.

Gareth, Stockport

Really quick to arrive. Thank you

Martin, Manchester

Fantastic E-Liquids. So much better than cigarettes. Cracking choice with Blueberry.

Gareth, Stockport

Arrived quickly.

Terry, Hull

No more smoking Elf Bars now! Saves me so much money!

Pauline, Manchester

Tastes like grapes. Got a new favourite!

Brian, Ipswich

Cool Mint burns my tongue. I prefer Strawberry Menthol, but that burns my tongue. I cant find a menthol flavour that does not burn my tongue.

Jessica, Bath

Amazing service, fast delivery thank you.

Pauline, Stockport

I bought 8 but 2 spilt on my shoe. It has damage my shoe. Can I get one with no sugar? Sugar damages shoes.

Afolade, Rotherham


Barrie, Stoke-On-Trent


Phil, Cambridge

Really enjoy the Purple Berry Drink

Janet, Lincoln

Delivery was quick. Good flavour for £1, not perfect. But good.

Henry, Grantham

Tastes good for £1 and survives in the freezer so it doesnt go out of date after 28 days.

Karen, Pontefract

Fast delivery. Super easy store too!

Katherine, Newark-On-Trent

Grape is good for the vape.

Mustafali Ali Dawsah, Bradford

I pay £1 each bottle. This good value. Very happy.

Oluwafemwi, Nottingham

Arrived quickly, didn't need to chase it either. I am impressed. Thank you Gareth.

Barbera, Stockport

Yvonne, Market Rasen

No good. I buy now 18 elf bar and no refill. this company juices do not work with elf bar.

Joseph Oluwabalkwamengwi, Birmingham

£1 is good price. Cola is good flavour. I like this one and i buy more next week. I thank you

Mandeep, Hull

Zero Star. you have liquid not working in elf bar. I put in 3 elf bar and in juul bar. I not happy, please may i try one that work with elf bar please.

Joseph Oluwabalkwamengwi, Birmingham