One E-Liquids Menthols Collection

by TCF Group on Apr 14, 2023

One E-Liquids Menthols Collection

One E-Liquids Menthols Collection 

At One E-liquids, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent quality product with great value for money. We offer an extensive range of flavours to suit every taste with over 50 different products. One of our best-selling flavour categories is the Menthols range! Menthol and Mint E-liquids resemble the cold sensation you get from chewing gum or some sweets and can be either natural or synthetic. With cool and refreshing flavours, this collection of e-liquids are sure to kick-start your day!


Our 50/50 10mls have a variety of menthol flavours including: 

  • Cool Mint

  • Spearmint

  • Menthol

  • Mint 

  • Strawberry Menthol 

Our Nicotine Salts range are available in 5,10 and 20mg. They include:

  • Ice Menthol

  • Fruity Berry Menthol 

Our Shortfill range also includes fruit flavours such as: 

  • Ice Menthol

You can shop our entire range of Menthol flavours here: